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Projectile Launcher

Projectile Launcher

           Ferret Contamination Control System


Before you begin operation of the Ferret Contamination Control System check:

  • You have an air source with a minimum pressure of 80psi. and a volume of no less than 10 cfm.
    • The correct nozzle for the job (use sizing chart).
    • The correct size and quantity of projectiles (use sizing chart).

Step 1. Air Connection.

Connect a quick release air connector to the existing male fitting in the Ferret Launcher making sure the coupling is snapped on correctly. If necessary regulate the air pressure to a minimum of 80 psi and no greater than 150 psi. The air source can be either a standard compressor of no less than 10 cfm. a compressed air bottle or dry nitrogen bottle. Do not use in confined spaces.



Step 2. Adaptor rings.

Unlatch the hinged adaptor ring by depressing the sprung locking bar as shown. Choose the correct adaptor ring. The Ferret Launcher comes with a permanently hinged adaptor ring for the 38mm. and 50mm. nozzles only. A reducing adaptor ring is supplied to be fitted to the hinged ring for the 6mm. to 32mm. nozzles. Make sure all surfaces are clean and free from damage and the

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