Supplying the industry with Tube, Hose & Pipe Line Cleaning & Drying foam PolyFerret® (Pigs) since 1993
Water: Gas: Oil : Hydraulics

Beverage Tube Cleaning

Tube Cleaning of Food and Beverage lines is common practice, now Ferret Polyshot foam Projectiles make it easy to do and saves you downtime.

POLYFERRET tube Cleaning ProjectilesFood Line Tube Cleaning

Used by Food manufacturers to save on or eliminate solvent or detergent cleaning of lines. These ferret polyshot projectiles are used to remove product from the transfer lines between product runs and clean the lines ready for the next product or final cleaning. In new installations the use of ferret Polyshots in the lines, enables faster set up and commissioning.

Beverage Tube Cleaning

In Liquid, Beverage and Drink lines, tube cleaning via the use of Ferret Polyshot projectiles eliminates contaminations such as bacteria or yeast build up by efficiently and effectively cleaning the internal surfaces of or drink dispensing and cooling coils and beer lines. With a minimum of downtime, the ferret foam projectiles can be launched through a tube line and recovered for reuse or disposal.

Ferret Tube Cleaning Projectile Launcher

Ferret tube cleaning projectiles are designed to be used with our simple to use, foam Projectile Launcher .

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