Supplying the industry with Tube, Hose & Pipe Line Cleaning & Drying foam PolyFerret® (Pigs) since 1993
Water: Gas: Oil : Hydraulics


Specialist Products for Hose, Tube and Pipe Cleaning

Research shows that PolyFerret® pipes flow easier

Our PolyFerret® Product Range Includes:

Our CCK-10 Hose Tube & Pipe Cleaning Kit
Hydraulic Hose & Tube Cleaning Foam PolyFerrets
Wine & Beverage Cleaning Foam PolyFerrets®

Water Main & Sewerage Treatment Cleaning Foam PolyFerrets®
Gas & Oil Line Cleaning Foam PolyFerrets®
Also used extensively for Drying after Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines

PolyFerrets® are also known in the industry as Foam Pellets, Projectiles, Poly Pigs, PolyFerrets® or Foam Pigs to name a few, and the process known as Pigging. A Pig is defined as a device that moves through the inside of a pipeline, tube or hose for the purpose of cleaning, dimensioning, Product pushing or inspecting.
There are many different types of foam “PolyFerrets®” and it is important that  



our clients choose the correct size, type, grade and density of foam for a particular application. This is where Ferret Industries experience and advice is essential. Our company has focused on the production and distribution of Foam PolyFerrets® and Swabs for the cleaning of hoses, tubes and pipes since 1993.

Ferret PolyFerrets® (Foam Pigs or Polly-Pigs) are manufactured from open cell polyurethane foam.

The foam is of various densities ranging from a light, medium to heavy density. The options are: With Abrasive Scourer ends, Abrasive Scourer Wrap, Abrasive Grit Coating, Polyurethane Coated, Bevel Tipped (for ease of launching). We can also Vacuum (Bags /Bundles) Down (where possible to reduce clients freight costs).

PolyFerrets® are compressible, expandable, light weight and flexible. PolyFerrets® will travel through multiple diameter pipelines, go around mitered bends and short radius 90 degree bends. They will make abrupt turns in tees so laterals can be cleaned.

Ferret Industries also sells the Ferret PolyFerrets® Hose, Tube and Pipe Cleaning Kit. The hand held air launcher uses the small Foam Ferret PolyFerrets® (5mm to 60mm diameter) for cleaning and maintenance of smaller hoses, tubes and pipes.

Ferret PolyFerrets® and Swabs are custom made in Brisbane at the Virginia factory, and are shipped Australia wide as well as to PNG, New Zealand, The South Pacific Islands, or where ever ferret PolyFerrets® are specified.

Sizes range from 5mm to 1,800mm in diameter.

Major Uses

Food Wine & Beverages
Gas / Oil Lines
Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchanges And Condensers
Hydraulic And Pneumatic Lines
Hydraulic Application
Marine Industry
Oil, Gas And Chemical Processing
Oxygen And Gas
Production Reclamation
Rubber And Plastics
Steam Boiler Systems
Water Mains / Sewerage

Major Projects Completed
Tarong Power Station
Swanbank Power Station
Callide “A” Power Station
Mt Isa to Ballera Pipeline
Boondooma Dam to Tarong Pipeline
BHP Coal water lines                                  42 inch lines for  
APLNG, QCLNG, Spiecapag, Mcconnell Dowell and Clough


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