Supplying the industry with Tube, Hose & Pipe Line Cleaning & Drying foam PolyFerret® (Pigs) since 1993
Water: Gas: Oil : Hydraulics

Other Uses

Tube Cleaning Uses are Everywhere

Automotive Tube Cleaning

Cleaning of fuel lines, brake lines prior to assembly after servicing of components. Cleaning of Airconditioning and power-steering lines prior to replacement.

Food Production Tube Cleaning

Using Polyshot tube cleaning projectiles during product changeover and cleaning. This reduces product waste whilst at the same time reducing or eliminating solvents or detergents, used in cleaning the lines. Speeds up the changeover time, and increases production.

Boilers and Heat exchangers Tube Cleaning

Eliminates minute particles in copper tubes, coolant lines that affect system performance

Removes most scaling in steam pipes for maintenance servicing.


Using Ferret Polyshot Foam Projectiles will speed the cleaning of conveyance pipes. and aid in the cleaning of product from injection moulding lines.

Eliminates contamination that reduces heat transfer resulting in low level performance.

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