Supplying the industry with Tube, Hose & Pipe Line Cleaning & Drying foam PolyFerret® (Pigs) since 1993
Water: Gas: Oil : Hydraulics

Hydraulics & Pneumatic Lines

Internal Hydraulic Tube Cleaning and Pneumatic Tube Cleaning or internal cleaning of hoses and pipes is common practice, and an important part of any installation or repair, now Ferret Polyshot foam Projectiles make it easy to do and saves you downtime.

POLYFERRET hydraulic tube Cleaning Projectiles

Hydraulic Tube Cleaning

Removes contamination introduced through the manufacture and cutting of  Hydraulic tube or Pneumatic tube. This contamination, if left in the line will cause breakdown and component failure. The ferret polyshot Hydraulic Tube cleaning system removes such contamination as rubber particles, metal particles, contaminated oil, moisture, dirt, etc, All these contaminants that can lead to breakdowns and inefficiency.

Hydraulic Hose Cleaning

The manufacture of hydraulic hose assemblies can result in particles of rubber being left in the bore, the Ferret Hydraulic hose cleaning system will remove this and other contamination. If this contamination, if left in the line will potentially lead to breakdown or component failure. common contamination in hose assemblies includes such things as rubber particles, metal particles, contaminated oil, moisture, dirt, etc.

Hydraulic Pipe Cleaning

Hydraulic pipe offers greater challenges to the installer than hose or tube assemblies. Pipe is different internal sizes depending upon the pressure rating and can include scale. ferret offers a range of foam projectiles to suit the application and result required. we offer Light Density, Low density, medium density and also a scouring finish projectile, all able to be launched via our projectile launcher

Ferret Tube Cleaning Projectile Launcher

Ferret hydraulic tube cleaning projectiles are designed to be used with our simple to use, foam Projectile Launcher .

Used by all major manufacturers and repairers on all types of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and installation contractors


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